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The Museum of Innovation

Our 3DEXPERIENCE Lab just entered its 4th year of empowering disruptive innovations…
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Our 3DEXPERIENCE Lab just entered its 4th year of empowering disruptive innovations that positively impact our society. To celebrate all that this open innovation laboratory and accelerator program has accomplished, on December 3 we held a cutting-edge event at the Atelier des Lumières digital art center in Paris.

At this event, we launched The Museum of Innovation: an experience full of unexpected products and approaches that are set to make a strong impact on the world. Products range from autonomous solar-powered drones, to sustainable energy production ideas, to 3D printed organs and virtual surgery techniques.

Museum visitors can explore innovations with all of their senses, from hands-on, virtual reality interactions with products to discussions with the people behind the innovation. They can deepen their learning by getting a glimpse into the tools and processes used to develop each project: design, simulation, additive manufacturing, virtual twins and more…all thanks to cloud computing.

By allowing visitors to explore both the innovative products and the processes behind making the products real, it becomes clear to people how digital twins help make – and improve – real products. The experiences are interactive and real-time, not pre-defined but guided by the participants’ own curiosity. They are created with 3DEXCITE, and leverage partnerships with HP for the hardware and HTC VIVE for the VR headsets.

A few examples of the companies featured in the Museum of Innovation:

  • PKvitality, an advanced bio-wearable company launching a glucose monitor to enable the 425 million people affected by diabetes to be actively involved in their well-being and health
  • Agreenculture, focused on developing robots for smarter, sustainable farming to revolutionize agriculture
  • Inali, creator of a low cost electronic prosthetic hand specially design for people living with upper limb amputation from developing countries

During this event, we also revealed 15 new startups that have joined the program. Like those already in the program, these companies – hailing from Belgium, China, France, India, South Africa and the U.S. – will have access to the 3DEXPERIENCE platform as well as fab lab facilities and business and technology mentors. Each project is tied to at least one of the United Nations‘ Sustainable Development Goals.

We are aiming to bring The Museum of Innovation to all 140 countries where Dassault Systèmes has a presence, and partner with science museums around the world to share innovations in VR with the general public. We will keep you updated on the schedule, but you can also reach out to us at

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