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Paving the road for better urban logistics

Did you know that delivery is one of the oldest types of…
Avatar Romy Goehner

Did you know that delivery is one of the oldest types of business? It all started with the pharaohs who used couriers to deliver messages and news. Today, a couple of thousand years later, delivery systems have changed massively. It’s no longer just about delivering information between people; it’s expanded to include delivering goods all around the world. Logistics companies are faced with quickly evolving as more commerce – both B2B and B2C – takes place online, and transportation logistics like urban congestion and environmental pollution, are among their top challenges.

If we can’t improve urban infrastructure that quickly itself, there is room to improve the delivery mechanism: a flexible vehicle that can easily adapt to urban logistics and all its challenges. This is the opportunity seized by XYT. The French start-up manufactures their modular electric vehicle called PIXEL with and for craftsmen, retailers and e-traders.

The car is constructed as simply as possible: it contains only 600 parts. This makes PIXEL scalable which means it can be optimized and maintained manually with a simple toolbox. These requirements are critical to its mission, but the company knows they must also maximize the operational performance and ergonomics so that its drivers have an optimal experience. As a consequence, the production process can be very complex, which is why XYT needed a collaborative tool to simplify the workflow. And this is where the 3DEXPERIENCE platform on the cloud came in, to enable interaction and collaboration between a cross-section of domains like engineering, suppliers, design and certification. Each participating department has access to the same information, which automatically reduces complexity and optimizes exchanges throughout the whole value chain. This helps XYT meet their ultimate goal of meeting all technical needs and customers’ expectations while reducing the environmental impact of their vehicles.

Thanks to XYT, logistics and transportation companies can now obtain the ideal configurable electric vehicle for each specific activity.

Read the case study to get a detailed insight on the complex world of urban logistics or watch the video to learn more about XYT’s benefits with the 3DEXPERIENCE platform on the cloud.

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