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#ActForLife: 3DS Outscale is Helping the Helpers

Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood was a long-running (1968-2001) popular children’s television show in…
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Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood was a long-running (1968-2001) popular children’s television show in the United States. A quote from the show’s star, Fred Rogers, has been often celebrated in recent years, and in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s again emerged as a popular share across social media.

People the world over are looking for ways to help right now, from both a personal and professional perspective. 3DS OUTSCALE has launched the #ActForLife initiative to support innovative helpers.

3DS OUTSCALE’s mission is to offer the most trusted Cloud with a high level of security. Its vision is rooted in understanding and addressing challenges faced by companies, institutions and citizens. In the age of COVID-19, 3DS OUTSCALE is taking action to bring together – and expand – its ecosystem to offer a collective, responsible and sincere approach to the wide-ranging impacts of the pandemic.

The heart of the #ActForLife initiative is to offer free Cloud resources and expertise for Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), startups and public organizations with products and ideas that are helping to address many facets of the COVID-19 health crisis. 3DS OUTSCALE is already working with a number of organizations, and are welcoming others to apply for similar support, here.

Some of the programs 3DS OUTSCALE is supporting were in existence prior to the crisis but were adapted to help in these times, others are brand new initiatives. Some examples:

  • Scalingo, a PaaS solution and app and database hosting company, set up a dedicated site for people across France to volunteer their services to their fellow citizens. #Iwanttohelp focuses on six core areas: food and emergency aid, childcare for essential workers, virtual connections with isolated fragile people (such as the elderly, sick or disabled, shopping for essential products for the fragile, support for elderly people in institutions and tutoring students who need support during distance learning.
  • LockSelf, an ISV specializing in secure storage and sharing, is helping healthcare businesses freely and securely exchange sensitive data. The high level of security built into the 3DS OUTSCALE Cloud is helping LockSelf’s customers feel confident that the highly sensitive health data remains secure.
  • Opendatasoft is helping people monitor the impact of the virus on France’s public health system. The community at large can access public COVID-19 data via dashboards to better inform them to the daily situation, including the number of people hospitalized, including people in intensive care, the number of patients who have returned home and the number of victims who have succumbed. It also shows the ages of patients, and allows users to filter by region.

If you are offering services to help your community or industry with initiative related to COVID-19 and can benefit from secure cloud data platform, we invite you to apply for our pro bono services and support!

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