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Redefining Flight: 5 Fascinating Facts About eVTOL Batteries

Explore the world of electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft with our webinar replay. Discover how innovative battery integration, digital solutions, and sustainability efforts are reshaping the skies.
Avatar Jessica Divakaran

In our recent webinar, we uncovered some really intriguing facts and insights about eVTOL batteries with Rudy Pastuzak, Battery Industry Solution experience director at Dassault Systèmes and Arvind Krishnan, industry analyst at Lifecycle Insights. 

Here’s a snapshot of the top five revelations that emerged, giving you a taste of the innovations steering the future of aviation.

1. The shift to battery-powered skies

Bid farewell to conventional fuels as eVTOLs embrace a new era powered by cutting-edge batteries. This revelation marks a transformative moment in aviation, envisioning a future where the sky is no longer bound by clunky engines and messy emissions.

2. Batteries: the unsung heroes of eVTOL innovation

In the heart of every eVTOL is a sophisticated battery, far beyond your average power pack. From reliable lithium-ion stalwarts to the latest tech marvels, our experts uncovered the diverse landscape of batteries propelling the evolution of eVTOLs.

3. Aerial mastery choreographed by batteries

Picture a mesmerizing ballet of eVTOLs gracefully executing aerial stunts, loops, and dives—all orchestrated by advanced batteries. Explore how these power sources are turning the sky into a dynamic canvas, redefining the artistry of flight.

4. Green skies ahead: eVTOLs and sustainable batteries

Embark on a journey toward environmentally conscious aviation. Discover how eco-friendly batteries are propelling eVTOLs into a sustainable future, contributing to global environmental efforts. It’s not just about reaching new heights; it’s about doing so with a commitment to a greener planet.

The 3DEXPERIENCE platform on the cloud offers a comprehensive approach to environmental sustainability. Specializing in helping you select the right materials, calculating the battery footprint, and conducting virtual simulations before the final product is manufactured, this ensures that your eVTOL is not only efficient but also environmentally friendly from its inception.

Moreover, the platform’s tools enable the design of battery dismantling processes, optimizing the cost for disassembly. We guide you in determining the most opportune time for battery repose and remanufacturing, contributing to a circular economy and minimizing waste.

5. Tech odyssey: digital frontiers of battery power

eVTOL batteries are more than power sources—they’re digital pioneers. From smart charging anticipating your needs to real-time monitoring ensuring a seamless journey, these batteries redefine the skies with tech sophistication.

These five key highlights are just the tip of the iceberg. The world of eVTOL batteries is a fascinating frontier, and we’ve only scratched the surface. To explore the depths and nuances, dive into the complete webinar replay. There’s more innovation, more discovery, and more excitement awaiting. Watch the webinar replay [here].

If you’re curious to learn even more about battery innovation in aviation, check out our e-book.

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