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10 ways to create high-quality products faster with 3DEXPERIENCE on cloud

When Turkey-based industrial manufacturer Yeşilova Group set out to consolidate its design…
Avatar Alyssa Ross

When Turkey-based industrial manufacturer Yeşilova Group set out to consolidate its design and product lifecycle management processes and data in one place, they looked into cloud-based platforms. They selected the 3DEXPERIENCE platform on the cloud, which allows their engineers to easily define, simulate and validate designs for each client with full traceability, which not only improves the process – it improves the end product.

Like Yeşilova Group, your organization can unleash innovation while reducing risk, delivering high-quality designs faster and minimizing repetitive design tasks.

Here are 10 ways the 3DEXPERIENCE platform on the cloud can help you consistently produce and quickly bring to market innovative, high-quality products that exceed expectations without taking unnecessary risks.

  1. Break down internal and external barriers. Eliminate silos by enabling easy information exchange and collaboration on the same platform.
  2. Securely exchange information. All internal and external stakeholders can safely review and markup designs on any device, without the need for a CAD license.
  3. Manage projects with insight and confidence. Having all stakeholders on a single cloud-based platform creates transparency and traceability across the design process. This means you can track, change and manage issues and timelines with ease.
  4. Shrink your design cycle. On the cloud, there’s no need to wait for checkpoints. Stakeholder feedback can be seen immediately, enabling continuous innovation and improvement. And collaborative design reviews can happen in real-time, making them more productive.
  5. Adapt, adapt, adapt! A cloud-based platform creates real-time visibility for all stakeholders throughout the entire design process, empowering each person to quickly respond to shifting requirements. It also makes it much easier for everyone to be nimble by suggesting and considering new ideas as they’re suggested.
  6. Design anywhere, anytime. All stakeholders can work from anywhere, across all time zones – so you can access top talent for your project regardless of location.
  7. Access cutting-edge tools with just a browser. Stakeholders can work in their familiar design environment but benefit from access to new tools that can promote innovation and improve time to market.
  8. Protect your margins. When you’ve got the ability to quickly and fully collaboration across your value chain, you can get to market faster since you’re able to minimize the delays and costs that result from late-stage design changes.
  9. Cultivate value. Capturing and repurposing design intelligence between projects helps you rapidly deliver new innovations. This reduces repetitive tasks so you can spend more time innovating.
  10. Innovate sustainably. Create, execute, repeat! A cloud-based platform helps you steadily support an accelerating rate of productivity as your organization moves forward and scales for future growth.

We have created three short ebooks to help organizations understand more how the 3DEXPERIENCE platform on the cloud offers you a better way to design products – one for Executives, one for Design Managers and one for Designers.

To learn even more, you can read Yeşilova Group’s story, and also discover the path of AMF Accessories, who applied the 3DEXPERIENCE platform on the cloud to allow its designers to meet up, collaborate and sketch which accelerates their design cycle and allows them to deliver fashion accessories worldwide within three weeks

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