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The Future of Mobility – Join the Student Challenge by July 6th

The Transportation & Mobility (T&M) industry is going through a major transformation.…
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The Transportation & Mobility (T&M) industry is going through a major transformation. Start-ups are entering the market with disruptive approaches to address new trends such as Shared Mobility Services, Autonomous Mobility & Connected Mobility. Vehicles are becoming smarter, safer and connected with more embedded systems. This transformation will require new skills and a workforce trained to meet the demands of a rapidly changing design and innovation landscape.  As part of its commitment to developing the workforce of the future and engaging students in science, engineering and technology, Dassault Systèmes and Base 11 a non-profit workforce and entrepreneur development company, announce a new student challenge called The Future of Mobility for All, powered by HEROx, the crowdsourcing platform for innovation.  Submission deadline is July 6th.

What is this Challenge about? 

The future of mobility is just around the corner, and we are asking for students to help co-create it with us. We foresee the next generation of mobility solutions encompassing autonomous operations, propulsion systems that are not-reliant on fossil fuels, and platforms that are accessible to all.

Base 11, Dassault Systèmes, and their partners invite undergraduate and graduate students, aged 18 and older, to share their vision for how future mobility solutions can inclusively anticipate the needs of future users.

Why participate? 

This challenge is an opportunity to develop and express your vision about mobility for an evolving environment that encompasses different users and different situations. By participating you can propose new mobility solutions for the future.

Also, participating in experiential learning activities, like this challenge, better prepares students to enter the workforce. See how academic knowledge is applied on the job and develop additional skills needed to successfully transition into the professional world – all of which will help participants on their journey toward being part of the next generation of designers, engineers, scientists, and thinkers.

Finally, by participating in the challenge, students can gain access to internship/employment opportunities, build out a digital portfolio, extend  networks with industry professionals, and win prizes.  Does this sound interesting to you? Then join the Future of Mobility for All challenge!

What will participants do?

This challenge asks studients to share their vision for the future of mobility. By using the provided tools and tailoring ideas to fit within the challenge parameters, participants will see how creativity has to be balanced with real-world constraints. Teams (of up to 3) can learn about collaboration and how to create a stronger submission through the use of complementary skill sets and viewpoints. Finalists will gain experience in learning how to present their designs and make their case. In addition to these experiences, submissions can become part of a digital portfolio that will support students as they prepare to enter the workforce.

Designs may be submitted to one or both of these two different categories:

  • Society – How can we ensure that the future of mobility includes everyone?
  • Environment – How can we design mobility solutions that will be well-adapted to our future environs while also sustaining our earth for future generations?

For each of these categories, up to 10 finalists will be selected during the evaluation phase. Those finalists will then be invited to pitch their submissions before a panel of judges. Finally, up to 3 winners per category will be announced at the Next Frontier Initiative Conference & Expo in October, 2021.

Participants in this challenge will have free access to Dassault Systemes 3DEXPERIENCE Platform software solutions, and to informational webinars with challenge sponsors. They will also have access to internship/employment opportunities and be able to network and share their work with challenge sponsors. Additionally, winners will be recognized with unique opportunities, sponsor merchandise, and cash awards.

Call to Action:

Students:  Join The Future of Mobility for All Challenge Here, or listen to our webinar series to learn more about 3DEXPERIENCE solutions, trends in transporation and mobility as well as career opportunities with Dassault Systèmes and our partners.

Educators, Industry Professionals: Feel free to pass along to your schools and businesses to garner interest in the challenge.

Intrigued? Then hop on over to the Guidelines tab to learn more about participating!

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