Transportation & MobilityMay 21, 2020

How to Fast Track Electric Drive Development

Growing concern for the environment has put a renewed focus on finding…
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Growing concern for the environment has put a renewed focus on finding more sustainable mobility solutions. Consumers however expect the same price, performance and comfort of gasoline powered vehicles, presenting an ongoing challenge for automotive OEMs. Compliance is a key issue as governments around the world roll out stricter regulations for vehicle manufacturers on emissions and CO₂. How can manufacturers bring electric vehicles to market quickly in order to meet the growing demand?

Electric drive is a complex system to design. Car manufacturers need to maximize the power of electric motors while reducing their mass. Design teams must account for a variety of unique EV challenges including noise and vibrations, thermal management of the heat dissipated by high rotation speeds, electromagnetic losses, and other complex multi-system considerations. In the race for e-drive, modeling and simulation technology plays a critical role in helping OEMs reach the best design and optimal combination of parameters. Through simulation, teams can collaborate on virtual prototyping and validation. Engineers from all disciplines are able to work together on a multi-disciplinary virtual platform that can simulate exactly how a vehicle works before ever building or manufacturing a physical prototype. OEMs can design, test and optimize to quicken the development process.

Businesses must embrace digitalization as rapidly as possible to speed up the cycles of electric drive improvement. To learn how to fast track eDrive enhancements, download the e-book: Electric drive: how can you level up 

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