Transportation & MobilityFebruary 26, 2020

How Can Automotive Manufacturers Appeal to the Digital Generation?

For automotive manufacturers, mobility is no longer about the vehicle itself. Instead,…
Avatar Meaghan Murphy

For automotive manufacturers, mobility is no longer about the vehicle itself. Instead, the target is creating the best overall customer mobility experience. That automotive experience starts from the initial stages of awareness building all the way through to follow up service and gathering user feedback during the exit phase.

You do not need to look far in the “sharing economy” to see new business models quickly transforming how customers move around in their daily lives. One example is the proliferation of ride-hailing apps that offer on-demand mobility through a streamlined transaction and review process.

“Customers are getting accustomed to the superior experience, especially in the digital space, and they expect this same experience in more traditional areas like automotive. This is challenging the traditional setup in dealerships and services, which were organized around the needs of the car – not necessarily those of the customer,” said Harald Fanderl, a senior partner at McKinsey.

In response to the trend towards mobility, automotive manufacturers are no longer solely focused on the product but instead place the emphasis on making the entire customer journey seamless and personalized where possible. Instead of concentrating on designing physical product features the goal is connectivity, value and convenience.

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