Transportation & MobilityDecember 4, 2020

Developing a new generation of parts for electric vehicles

Global professional services network Deloitte estimates that the electric vehicle (EV) market…
Avatar Rebecca Lambert

Global professional services network Deloitte estimates that the electric vehicle (EV) market will reach a tipping point in 2022. By then, the cost of EV ownership is expected to be on par with its internal combustion engine counterpart. Soon, EVs will be a viable option for any new car buyer, and suppliers are ramping up their efforts to help automotive OEMs meet this growing demand.

Musashi Seimitsu Industry Co. Ltd. is an automotive parts manufacturer based in Japan. It is currently exploring a unique opportunity to develop a new generation of powertrain parts optimized for EVs, including regenerative brakes and gear-related technology. These parts must fulfill a new type of role in a car, such as allowing energy to be recovered during braking. Musashi is also rethinking the inherent properties of its parts to overcome two big obstacles: noise and weight.

“One of our development themes is to create quiet gears that don’t make noise,” said Hiroshi Otsuka, president and chief executive officer of Musashi. “Current electric vehicles are heavy due to their batteries. Going forward, there is going to be an increasing demand in technology to lighten the vehicles and make them more compact.”

As Musashi forges ahead with its innovation efforts to become the number one global supplier of transmissions, gears and other parts for EVs, it is committed to redoubling its in-house R&D capabilities. To achieve this, the company is increasing its global presence through partnerships and acquisitions. It has also begun a digital transformation to streamline and integrate its global R&D and production data, and improve operational efficiency. Needing a platform that matched the technological capabilities of its OEM customers, Musashi chose the 3DEXPERIENCE platform to support its business and is now accelerating its product development to keep up with industry demands.

To find out more about how Musashi is taking advantage of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform to strengthen its business and innovate faster, read the full story and watch the videos below.

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