Transportation & MobilityFebruary 11, 2021

Designing the next generation of EV battery cases

Manufacturers and suppliers must navigate a host of new challenges as they…
Avatar Rebecca Lambert

Manufacturers and suppliers must navigate a host of new challenges as they bring to market the next generation of electric vehicles (EVs). They’re racing to develop parts that may never have existed before in internal combustion engine cars, always pushing the boundaries of innovation to satisfy a catalogue of new requirements.

The battery case, for example, protects the most expensive part in the vehicle. It must be lightweight, crash-proof, corrosion-resistant, electromagnetically shielded and able to regulate temperature. Businesses like Yeşilova, a Turkish automotive supplier, are now turning their attention to research and development for these new components, creating innovative structures for safely and securely housing the battery pack in the vehicle.

Over the 45 years Yeşilova has been in business, it has evolved from selling aluminum sheets to delivering an end-to-end service, working with its clients to provide aluminum parts that meet their specific needs. Today, their main focus is developing aluminum chassis parts and they’re coordinating European Union-funded project to develop a battery case structure.

For Yeşilova, aluminum is the ideal material for this particular component because of its properties, efficiency and sustainability. In other words, it is available in abundance and is highly recyclable.

that enabled it to work seamlessly with its clients. Yeşilova found the answer in the 3DEXPERIENCE platform on cloud and is now able to bring all its engineers, customers and suppliers together as one to design flexibly and at speed.

Find out more about Yeşilova’s journey to the 3DEXPERIENCE platform and how it is being supported to adapt fast to new industry trends.

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