Transportation & MobilitySeptember 3, 2020

Customizing cables quickly with 3DEXPERIENCE

Do you know how many cables are in your car? Probably not!…
Avatar Alyssa Ross

Do you know how many cables are in your car? Probably not! Most cars have 20-25 cables – and though you don’t generally see them, cables are the backbone of an automobile’s safety, comfort and body features. They’re responsible for effective automotive performance, controlling functions such as doors, brakes, gears and clutches. As cars become more sophisticated, cable manufacturers are pushing the boundaries of innovation to be in sync with the evolving specifications for their end-user customers.

Suprajit Engineering is India’s largest cable maker and a global leader in the two-wheeler cable market. They produce around 300 million cables annually, and pride themselves on quickly responding to their customers’ needs for customized products. But they wanted to be even better. To meet their goal to boost productivity, reduce product development cycle times and meet their customers’ requirements in a cost-efficient way, they wanted a centralized platform to gain greater control over company data, improve intellectual property security, to track changes and monitor project schedules, help standardize parts and reduce duplication and redundancies. Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE platform and the Bid to Win industry solution experience offered just that. The results have been solid, including

  • a reduction in multiple duplicate parts, leading to more than a 30% gain in efficiency
  • all RFQs are in the same system, making them easier to track – and leading to an increase of 70-80%
  • engineers across Suprajit’s 16 plants now have a common interface to share ideas, work on and reuse designs and easily share product updates.

To discover the full story of Surpajit benefits from 3DEXPERIENCE, watch the following videos or .

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