Company NewsNovember 6, 2019

Smooth sailing with 3DEXPERIENCE

Imagine sailing freely around the world with family and friends, feeling the…
Romy Goehner
Romy is an intern on the Corporate Publishing Team at Dassault Systèmes. She studies Communication Science and mainly contributes to Customer Referencing and the Compass magazine.

Imagine sailing freely around the world with family and friends, feeling the wind and the waves while cruising with your catamaran to beautiful and inspirational places.

While being on open sea, you want to feel safe and trust the behavior of your boat at all times during your journey: when the wind picks up, in uneasy waters or when the temperature changes rapidly. Your catamaran should not only look appealing, provide space and comfort but should also have an optimized shape for seaworthiness, performance, and fuel efficiency in different sea conditions.

Poland-based Sunreef Yachts helps people to achieve the dream of an unforgettable and safe sailing experience. The leading designer and manufacturer of custom-made luxury catamarans adopted Dassault Systèmes’ SIMULIA XFlow for design and realistic simulation to verify their 3D models virtually. The solution helps to find the optimal hull while running a wide range of test scenarios against real-life conditions.

Learn how Sunreef Yachts helps their customers make the catamaran of their dreams come true:

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