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Virtual event reveals our significant progress in personalized medicine

Dassault Systèmes’ Science in the Age of Experience online EPISODE 2: A…
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Dassault Systèmes’ Science in the Age of Experience online


Science and technology today make possible personalized health therapies that were not even dreamed of just a few years ago. We are looking to understand and treat each complete and unique patient.

Digital and virtual technologies are transforming healthcare. Dassault Systèmes believes that 3D virtual universes – sophisticated, scientifically accurate models and computer simulations – can be this century’s foundations to understand the full complexity and richness of each individual.

Experience is human, and Dassault Systèmes’ virtual twin experience ambition is to transform medicine, personalized cure, health and how we care for the human body. We are exploring the impact of modeling, simulation and data sciences for health, creating virtual twins of human bodies, using new solutions to address health challenges such as COVID-19, tackle complex diseases such as oncology, cardiovascular or neuro pathologies, or even orphan immunologic diseases.

We find ourselves in most challenging, but also creative times – the worst pandemic for 100 years, wild fires, hurricanes, urban demonstrations – yet in the midst of all this, thanks to new research, new tools, AI, machine learning, we are experiencing a new era of collaboration across institutes, disciplines and geographies.

We are seeing unprecedented activity and sharing around the COVID-19 crisis. These kinds of collaboration need to happen on other diseases, from cancer to cardiovascular diseases.

On Wednesday, October 14, EPISODE 2: A NEW ERA TO RE-DEFINE SUSTAINABLE LIFE of Dassault Systèmes online virtual Science in the Age of Experience event, we will focus on amazing projects that are making this new reality.

For 2020, Science in the Age of Experience is a series of four episodes over five weeks, highlighting scientific innovations in life sciences, sustainable manufacturing and making cities sustainable. Leading scientific minds from around the globe join us virtually online for presentations of their work, roundtable discussions and interactive Q&A sessions.

Each episode will last 2 hours, and begin at convenient times to accommodate multiple time zones and facilitate LIVE interaction with our audience. Our goal is to build a global scientific community across the industry spectrum.

Dr. David Hoganson of Boston’s Children’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School will be our first presenter for EPISODE 2. His clinical focus is on newborn infants and children with congenital heart disease needing surgery.

Dr. David Hoganson, Boston Children’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School

Dr. Hoganson works in the cardiac assist device and heart and lung transplant programs at Children’s Hospital, and has given hope to so many families whose children would not have survived otherwise. He will show us how science and technology have improved the safety and effectiveness of cardiac surgery, and made the impossible feasible.

Next, we will join with Dr. Eytan Abraham who heads Lonza Personalized Medicine, focused on personalized cell and gene therapies. He holds a Ph.D. in developmental and molecular biology from the University of Maryland Biotechnology Institute, and a post-doctorate in cell therapy and tissue engineering from the Harvard-MIT Biomedical Engineering Center and Harvard Medical School.

Dr. Eytan Abraham, Lonza Personalized Medicine

Dr. Abraham will take us through significant therapeutic successes in areas such as cancer. There are significant gaps in our ability to commercialize these therapies and make them available for significant numbers of patients. Manufacturing scalability, product quality, patient-to-patient variability, and cost of goods are key elements.  Dr. Abraham and Lonza Personalized Medicine focus on developing tools that enable research and development, scale out, and commercialization of patient-scale cell therapies.

Our next speaker has a very personal connection to his research. Dr. David Fajgenbaum leads the Castleman Disease Research Program at the University of Pennsylvania. He has changed the way the disease is researched and treated.

Dr. David Fajgenbaum, Castleman Disease Research Program

Dr David Fajgenbaum has transformed the way Castleman disease, an Orphan disease, which is defined as a condition affecting fewer than 200,000 people nationwide, is researched and treated.   A sufferer of Castleman disease himself, Dr. Fajgenbaum co-founded the Castleman Disease Collaborative Network (CDCN) in 2012 to accelerate research and treatments for Castleman disease through a collaborative network approach – a business-inspired approach to biomedical research that has become a blueprint for other rare diseases.

EPISODE 2 will finish with a LIVE interactive Question & Answer session with viewers and a roundtable discussion including Claire Biot, Vice President, Life Sciences industry at Dassault Systèmes, David Hoganson, Eytan Abraham, and David Fajgenbaum.

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