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Living Heart Symposium Examines Digital Future of Healthcare

The Living Heart Project began 5 years ago to change the way medical…
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The Living Heart Project began 5 years ago to change the way medical devices were tested to improve the patient experience.

Next week, July 23-24, at Dassault Systèmes North America headquarters in Waltham, Mass., the fifth annual Living Heart Symposium will take place with members from around the world attending. The symposium will enable members to discover the latest innovations the Living Heart project while connecting hundreds of experts who are redefining and implementing digital health. Interested attendees can Register here.

The Living Heart Project’s purpose is to transform healthcare by taking engineering principles from traditional industries and applying the same principles to the practice of medicine. By creating robust simulated 3D models, researchers, surgeons, students, medical device and medical treatment developers are able to analyze, test and explore the heart in its finest detail before, during and after they treat the real thing. In 2017 the Living Heart project extended its reach with availability through the 3DEXPERIENCE on the cloud.

The two day Living Heart Symposium and Project Meeting will consist of a full-day session open to all on July 23 that will highlight new technical breakthroughs as well as applications of the Living Heart and other related technologies across the entire innovation lifecycle. Practicing clinicians will discuss the challenges to be addressed, while the multidisciplinary community share progress, experiences, debate approaches and agree on a path forward. Members will stay for a second day (July 24) for project specific updates and will be joined by representatives from the FDA.

The need for the leaders in biomedical engineering to work together has never been greater.  This is the one event to attend and let your voice be heard. Don’t miss out. Click here to register.

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