Life Sciences & HealthcareJanuary 26, 2021

Optimizing medical devices in the virtual world

As populations age and science matures, we’re seeing greater demand for medical…
Avatar Alyssa Ross

As populations age and science matures, we’re seeing greater demand for medical devices. How do we make sure that not only are these devices safe and effective, but that patients have a better chance of an optimal experience with each device?

These are questions medical designers and engineers are challenged with answering. What if they had a virtual space where they could experiment with promising designs using real world scenarios – so that they no longer need to rely on expensive, time consuming physical testing in animals or humans? What if this same space can also help validate designs while complying with regulatory requirements and business objectives?

This is exactly what our new Engineered To Cure Industry Solution Experience provides. This unique solution integrates the entire product development and certification business processes with full visibility and traceability. Based on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, this data-driven, model-based engineering approach allows teams to systematically collaborate to design robust, safe and personalized medical devices. Powerful modeling and simulation capabilities – including 3D design, systems engineering, multiphysics simulations and virtual human modeling – open new avenues for innovation and seamless regulatory compliance, while also reducing development costs and time to market. Ideas can easily be tested by multiple teams, across disciplines. The result is safer, higher performing and more connected devices.

The increasing global incidence of chronic diseases demands novel solutions. Engineered To Cure offers designers and engineers a new innovation experience, allowing them to rapidly explore device and patient variability, and optimize device performance for individuals and populations. Ultimately, teams can better tackle challenges as they arise and ultimately help create more personalized therapies to enhance patient experience and treatment outcomes.

Discover more about Engineered To Cure on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.

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