Life Sciences & HealthcareFebruary 25, 2022

Now medics can rehearse complex procedures on exact 3D-printed models

Biomodex uses the 3DEXPERIENCE platform to design anatomical models, allowing physicians to practice comlex procedures on 3D-printed replicas.
Avatar Rebecca Lambert

How do you fully prepare medical students to perform highly complex, emergency procedures for the very first time? How can physicians be sure they are using the most effective techniques to treat stroke victims without putting lives at further risk? These are just some of the questions challenging an industry that has long relied on traditional methods for medical training and pre-operative preparation. But one French-American digital health company has the answer.

Biomodex offers an innovative training alternative by creating exact 3D-printed model replicas of individual patients’ anatomies and realistically simulating medical procedures. With this approach, physicians can test devices and techniques before operating on live patients, and students can practice complex procedures over and over in realistic environment. It’s not only helping them to refine their skills, but it’s also reducing operating times and decreasing the risk of complications during real procedures.

Biomodex has created a complete solution that replicates the patient’s anatomy, but also the mechanical behavior of the tissue,” said Ziad Rouag, president and CEO at Biomodex. “Using these 3D-printed models, physicians get to see and feel how the vessel behaves.”

, create exact 3D-printed replicas and accurately simulate the organ’s behavior during a procedure.

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