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Join Dassault Systemes 6th Annual Living Heart Symposium, Dec. 8-9, 2020.

The Living Heart Project – launched by Dassault Systèmes in 2014, revealed…
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The Living Heart Project – launched by Dassault Systèmes in 2014, revealed the first 3D model of the human heart, and opened our eyes to the potential of virtual twins for healthcare – connecting global data and knowhow into 3D realistic human simulations of the human heart.  With support of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration along with a global membership of more than 130 partners including clinicians, researchers, industry and regulatory participants, its mission now is to create virtual twins for the entire human body and usher in a new era of medical innovations, fueling a digital health revolution that can power smarter therapeutics for healthier life.

Join Dassault Systèmes for the 6th Annual Living Heart Symposium, Inventing New Ways of Representing Life – A Journey Towards the Virtual Twin Experience of the Human Body, a  2-day virtual symposium taking place December 8 and 9th.  Leaders from academia, the medical device and pharmaceutical industries, clinicians, and regulators will share the most current advances in the use of simulation for the human body for the development of new treatments and precision patient care. Multidisciplinary panels will address the key challenges and identify synergies culminating in a roadmap to simulating the human body – discovering the transformative impact of the virtual world on industrial innovation, new treatments and the patient experience.

Click here for the full agenda and to register for this free two-day virtual event. Attendees will:

  • Discover cutting-edge virtual twin applications across the entire product lifecycle
  • Converse with like-minded peers in the medical device and pharmaceutical industries, research centers, and clinical practice
  • Learn the latest on the FDA position on the use of modeling and simulation of virtual patients
  • Learn best practices from members of the Living Heart Project
  • Directly contribute expertise to the development of virtual human twin
  • Meet our experts to expand networks and skills

The Living Heart Project is a strategic part of a broader effort by Dassault Systèmes to leverage advanced modeling and simulation applications to push the boundaries of science.  By creating both a community and a transformational platform, The Living Heart Project is enabling additional aspects of cardiovascular research and is also being leveraged for other parts of the body to reach new frontiers in patient care.

Learn more about The Living Heart Project here, or take a look at our infographic illustrating the project’s milestones and history of innovation.

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