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How 3DS supports heart health: World Heart Day 2021

Heart disease and stroke are the world’s leading causes of death, claiming…
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Heart disease and stroke are the world’s leading causes of death, claiming 18.6 million lives per year.

In May 2012, world leaders committed to reduce global mortality from non-communicable diseases by 25% by 2025. Because cardiovascular disease (CVD) accounts nearly half of these types of death, it’s critical to find innovative solutions to fight it. This is one of the reasons the World Heart Federation recognizes World Heart Day every September 29, along with the goal to inspire individuals, families, communities, and governments around the world to participate in activities to take charge of their heart health and that of others.

With today being World Heart Day, we want to highlight some of the innovations that Dassault Systèmes, our customers and partners are doing to combat the impact CVD has on our world.

Creating a fully functioning 3D model of the heart 

The trailblazing in silico medicine Living Heart Project (LHP) was launched in 2014. The idea was that cardiovascular experts around the world from academia, industry and clinical practice already had sufficient knowledge to create a fully functioning 3D model of the human heart – but they needed tighter collaboration. The result was a complete virtual twin of a human heart, built from basic understanding of heart tissue, structure and electrophysiology, and completely adaptable to mimic an individual person or a population. This virtual medical reference is now in use around the world, helping to unravel heart disease. With each use the model, strengths and weakness are identified and published, fueling new experts to join the project and push the learning and technology further.

Speeding fitness products to market

Compass also featured an article about the growing wellness industry and how sport manufacturers and suppliers are racing to create innovative products to support people wanting to improve their health. The piece looked at the role of simulation software like SIMULIA to quickly launch new products, before consumers move on to the next trend. The story included our customers such as Korean firm INNO Design, which helped develop a foldable e-bike with an innovative wheel and integrated battery and Bosch eBike Systems, whose smartphone-based solution transforms e-bikes into smart bikes and allows cyclists to augment their exercise with digital technology, providing a smart riding experience that can help users stick to their regimes.

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