Life Sciences & HealthcareApril 7, 2022

A partnership to transform digital healthcare

Dassault Systemes has launched the 3DEXPERIENCE Center of Excellence in Life Sciences and Research at Long Island University to advance research in pharmaceutical sciences, precision medicine and healthcare in the digital age.
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“LIU has entered a truly transformative niche in higher education by aligning with a digital healthcare industry that is on the rise. We are honored to work with Dassault Systèmes, combining its content expertise and research tools to become a global leader in the innovation of healthcare.”

Dr. Mohammed Cherkaoui, vice president for academic affairs, Long Island University

Unless you’re new to our blog, you’ll know that one of Dassault Systèmes’ primary areas of focus is to help transform the way we study and treat the human body. We have always known we can’t do this alone: the first step on this journey – the Living Heart Project (LHP) – tested the hypothesis that cardiovascular experts around the world from academia, industry and clinical practice already had sufficient knowledge to create a fully functioning 3D model of the human heart but were not sufficiently connected accomplish this. Bolstered by that successful experiment, we continued to digitize other parts of the human body with the goal of creating a complete virtual twin, and in every case partnerships are core to the project.

On this World Health Day, we are excited to announce that we recently took another step that demonstrates our commitment to transform Life Sciences & Healthcare by extending our research and innovation partnership with New York’s Long Island University (LIU). 3DS and LIU have been working together since 2019 to provide LIU students hands-on experience with cutting-edge AI and digital engineering technologies, and to collaborate on multidisciplinary research in the life sciences. In 2021, LIU opened a state-of-the-art simulation laboratory that allows students to use 3DS software to conduct experiential research, education and training. And now we’ve launched a 3DEXPERIENCE EDU Center of Excellence in Life Sciences and Research at LIU to advance research in pharmaceutical sciences, precision medicine and healthcare in the digital age. Research conducted there will help us to achieve our goal of developing the virtual twin of the human body, as well as advancing pandemic preparedness, the digitization of healthcare, innovation in medical devices and telemedicine.

There is another key benefit of this partnerships: to help prepare the future workforce. LIU is already at the forefront of revolutionizing healthcare training and research. The Center helps develop relationships with companies in the industry to spark dialogue to identify the skills they need and how to develop those skills. This means students can learn the technology employers are looking for, resulting in real-world, impactful learning and market-ready workers.

“We are investing in opportunities and technology to ensure our students become future leaders and innovators in emerging industries.”

Kimberly R. Cline, President, Long Island University

About the 3DEXPERIENCE Edu Centers of Excellence program

Created in October 2021, 3DEXPERIENCE Edu Centers of Excellence provide students, professionals, learners, businesses and governments with a network of centers dedicated to experiential, lifelong learning with the 3DEXPERIENCE platform to enable the current and future workforce to accelerate digital transformation. Centers have been established in Brazil, France, Germany, India, Mexico, Switzerland and the US, with focus on various industry sectors. .

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