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Mining Lean in the 4.0 Era

Aspermont Limited, Australia’s leading media services provider in the mining and resources…
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Aspermont Limited, Australia’s leading media services provider in the mining and resources industry, interviewed Dassault Systèmes’ Portfolio Technical Director, Prashanth Mysore, on the increasing trend of mining companies looking to learn from and apply best practice business processes that have been long established in other industries, such as the automotive, aerospace and defence industries. The interview has been published in Aspermont’s publications, Mining Monthly, Mining News and Mining Journal.

We bring you an excerpt from the interview as follows. You can download the full article from .


Bringing in best practices from other industries into mining

Dassault Systèmes digital manufacturing and transformation expert Prashanth Mysore has worked with automotive and other leading manufacturers for more than two decades. Now that industry contact is extending increasingly to mining. The reasons, says Prashanth, invariably come back to a central theme.

“Miners are more and more interested in what non-miners are doing to improve business processes,” he says.

“They are keen to learn more about the experiences we have in these other industries.

“I went into a meeting with a mining company representative recently. The miner wanted to speak to a manufacturing expert. I think the intent is more prevalent now among mining companies to replicate the best practice business processes we have seen develop in other industries, such as the automotive, aerospace and defence industries.

“It is really gaining momentum.”

“Lean with digital is a great combination in terms of furthering the productivity improvements and sustainability ambitions of companies. Sustainability in manufacturing goes hand in hand with lean – so, lean and green. Digitalising is really helping some companies move ahead of the competition.”

Empowering the Workforce of the Future

Mysore says another key aspect of this ‘parallel’ journey for industry sectors is the empowering of workforces to allow maximum benefits to flow from technological advances.

“It’s not just the networking of business processes, it’s the people at the heart of business processes,” he says.

“You cannot forget this fact.

“The automotive industry remains heavily reliant on the people, which has meant a sustained focus on continuous improvement of people using various technologies.

“There is a lot of attrition and turnover in mining, which people say is a problem. But that’s also the reason for me to create the workforce of the future and to empower people through effective education and training. This is part and parcel of value network mapping and value network optimisation.


Prashanth Mysore will be speaking at the “Technology: Digital Transformation” track of the 6th International Mining and Resources Conference (IMARC 2019) on October 30.


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