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Meet the Next Generation Energy & Materials Workforce

Is the Energy & Materials Industry Ready to Attract the Workforce of…
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Is the Energy & Materials Industry Ready to Attract the Workforce of the Future?

The Energy & Materials industry is facing a generational shift with a large portion of workers in mining, power, and oil & gas soon to reach retirement age. According to some reports 75% of the workforce by 2025 will be Millennials and Generation Z. However, as this shift is occurring, the question of whether or not there will be enough workers to replace existing ones is a key for the industry as seen in surveys such as one that saw 48% of power professionals concerned about impending talent emergency (GETI Report). And, as the industry is increasingly competing with all other industries for hi-tech skills, this problem is only amplified.

Younger generations have different interests and priorities than those that came before. Only by understanding what drives them will the Energy & Materials industry be able to compete for these workers and the skills of the future they bring.

The Young Generation’s Perspective

“I’m the next generation of the workforce. They call me a millennial, or gen Z, but don’t label me. I’m highly skilled. I could be an engineer, a planner, a data scientist… or the right person for a job that doesn’t even exist yet.”

 “It will be digital natives like me who will take your industry workforce into the future. I’ve grown up with technology shaping my life and experiences. It’s my work. It’s my play. It’s my passion. I love working with people, not apart from them. I excel when I have the freedom to think, the flexibility to create, and the tools to innovate. To help you do things better tomorrow than you did today.”

“But when I look at your industry, still chasing paper and run on yesterday’s technology, I can’t see where I fit in. And although I’m at home in the virtual world, I’m also passionate about protecting the real one, and doing things safely, which is why sustainability in your industry really matters to me. If we’re going to work together in the true spirit of collaborative innovation, I must know it also matters to you.”

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Are You Ready to Attract this Young Person? Assess Yourself on the Workforce of the Future

We are entering into a profound period of change, including the rise of intelligent technologies such as virtual twins and AI, and an influx of new digital capabilities like social collaboration and automation. These technologies will not only transform how business is done, they represent an opportunity for Energy & Materials to demonstrate to young workers that they are on the cutting edge of change.

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