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Data continuity for infrastructure lifecycle management – part 2

The following article is excerpted from Infrastructure Lifecycle Management Through Virtual Twins, a…
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The following article is excerpted from Infrastructure Lifecycle Management Through Virtual Twins, a whitepaper developed by Dassault Systèmes. To read more and learn more about infrastructure lifecycle management, download the full whitepaper here. For part 1 of this series, read here.

Rethinking Project Lifecycle

Project owners, engineers and contractors alike benefit from the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.

Project owners get real-time insight into their projects as they progress. They can monitor project status and schedules to make sure everything is on track and within the agreed-upon scope. They have access to all the data created during the entire life cycle of the project. After project completion, the virtual twin gives them an organized, comprehensive tool to operate and maintain their infrastructure.

Civil engineers get design automation, faster design iterations, and can facilitate better decisions during the design and engineering phase. A common data environment offers time- savings over traditional plan workflows by streamlining communication between project stakeholders. This also reduces the hours engineers must spend addressing requests for information before construction, by allowing them to provide a detailed and realistic virtual model of the infrastructure.

Contractors save time and money on drawings, fabrication, and construction models. The 3D model and associated data enables them to create more accurate construction sequences and better schedules, saving time and money. Simulating construction activities gives contractors the opportunity to validate methodologies without additional costs. Unbuildable conditions are identified, and issues resolved in a virtual pre-construction world where plans can be modified easily and inexpensively. Simulations also give contractors the visibility they need to identify risks and improve safety.

A new era for infrastructure maintenance and operation

Project managers are facing a growing pressure to deliver more efficient projects and operational processes.

Therefore, the use of virtual twins has been increasing in infrastructure management. The basis of advantages is an increased collaboration between different project members including operation and maintenance teams. Data can be accessed on a single platform, which creates a better insight to operations. Asset and facility managers can focus on work by planning and anticipating the necessary maintenance instead of reacting to reported problems. In fact, the operations can be planned for long periods, which saves time and money.

In terms of capital efficiency, the operations and maintenance phase of infrastructure will persist longer than any other project phases. Therefore, the advantages gained have cumulative effects. Dassault Systèmes integrated solutions allow a rich information stream where information can be updated in real-time. Project managers benefit from detailed information and predictive analysis to enable the infrastructure to meet future needs. Better decisions can be made based on higher quality information and expand the infrastructure security, quality and lifespan.

Excerpted from Infrastructure Lifecycle Management Through Virtual Twins, a Dassault Systèmes whitepaper. Download to learn more.

This white paper is presenting industry trends in Construction, Cities & Territories covering infrastructure lifecycle management through virtual twin. Building Information Modelling (BIM) is currently taking over the traditional methods for infrastructure developments, operation and maintenance. Using BIM and virtual twin allow collection, analysis, and aggregation of data and enhances collaboration between different stakeholders, from design to operation and maintenance.

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