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Improving Bottom Line Performance with Integrated Mining Execution

The Benefits of Integrated Execution and Short Interval Control If yours is…
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The Benefits of Integrated Execution and Short Interval Control

If yours is like most mining organizations, you probably have heard the talk of siloed data and functions and the possible consequences the lack of timely information can bring. In mining, the most common disconnects exist between geology, planning and execution. Information that does not arrive in a timely fashion can lead to high value ore being sent to waste and waste to processing, not to mention idle equipment fuel burn and underutilized labor. The impact may not be immediately visible, but it all ends up effecting the bottom line.

A key part of the push to move productivity to higher levels and continuously improve operations involves rethinking the way processes, data and workers are, or rather are not, connected to one another. The more up-to-date data is, the more quickly it can be put to work; thus, the more efficient an operation will become.

By integrating execution from geology through production and the plant, a clear line of sight is established into what is happening. Getting to this point requires integrating people, processes and information. Achieving this requires the movement of data between applications and the ability to leverage it more intelligently to optimize performance.

Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE platform is widely used in industries that require short interval control, including manufacturing. These industries rely on rapid responses to variation to keep production on track. This is no different than mining, with the exception of geology as an additional variable.

In manufacturing, short interval control connects planning and execution systems, allowing for plans to be continuously re-optimized as things change. Variables may include the availability of material, labor and equipment. As changes occur, execution transmits update instructions within shifts to keep everything on track. In mining, Dassault Systèmes adds geology to connect all the components that define the extraction and processing value chain.

With the integration of the execution value chain, you bring stability to processes, allowing them to be run excellently in every shift and to agile in response to changing operating conditions. Mines react knowing what adjustments to make, and can make them optimally and quickly when geology changes unexpectedly, when machinery breaks down, and when other unforeseen circumstances occur.

The opportunities for mining companies are significant if they can tighten up the processes within their execution value chains. Even a 1% improvement could deliver millions of dollars to the bottom line.

To learn more about the benefits improving execution, read the white paper “Adopting Manufacturing Philosophies to Achieve Operational Stability”.

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