Infrastructure, Energy & MaterialsDecember 15, 2023

Expanding solar power, but not at the expense of farming

By adopting a combined modeling and simulation (MODSIM) environment, a Korea-based company has been able to accelerate the R&D process for its innovative solar fences.
Avatar Lindsay James

Sunway, a Korea-based provider of innovative solar and renewable energy solutions, has an ambitious goal: to increase the share of agricultural solar business that generate renewable energy via rural power plants by 2030.

To achieve this vision, Sunway has developed an innovative solar fence: a product that, if taken to market and installed on farmland, could enable crop production and solar power generation to take place in harmony.

Expediting the design and development of these solar fences, therefore, was crucial to realizing the potential gains. However, Sunway found that its 2D modeling capabilities were not sufficient. It needed to consider how the panels might stand up against wind or snow, for example, or how they would perform during natural disasters such as an earthquake or typhoon.

Sunway turned to local partner VPK for advice and was recommended Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE platform on the cloud. This has provided a combined modeling and simulation (MODSIM) environment to help it assess structural safety under various weather conditions, amongst other uses. Read the full customer story to understand how Sunway designers and engineers can use the 3DEXPERIENCE platform’s multidisciplinary tools to perform different simulations across different physics and ultimately expedite the R&D process.

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