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Enabling the Western Trade Coast

Why is the Western Trade Coast so important to Australia’s future –…
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Why is the Western Trade Coast so important to Australia’s future – and how can we achieve that future?

The next stage of Western Australia’s economic future moved a step closer as the business community gathered for the ‘Enabling the Western Trade Coast’ Forum, hosted jointly by Regional Development Australia Perth, Dassault Systèmes and other local industry partners.

As WA’s newest manufacturing hub, the Western Trade Coast is attracting businesses that are looking towards the next step in the State’s economic development – the New Energy Metal (NEM) economy.

Western Australia has some of the world’s most abundant deposits of NEMs (metals that can be used in advanced energy production and storage, such as Lithium, Nickel, and Cobalt), placing it at the forefront of the global sustainable energy revolution.

During the Forum, industry partners discussed opportunities in the region and how these opportunities can be realised given the limited window to realise initiatives like Lithium Valley.

Here’s a recap of key discussion points:-

Virtual Kwinana

A virtual twin of Kwinana was developed to showcase the use of a smart city platform to help with urban planning and acceleration of the development process including environmental case study, impact assessments, community stakeholder engagement and approvals. This enables a greater level of community engagement to drive the future of sustainable city development.

Smart Manufacturing and Factories of the Future

Digitalisation is enabling a reinvention of manufacturing. It is reshaping how manufacturers innovate and respond to customer demands.

Digitalisation enhances collaboration across the enterprise by enabling digital continuity from ideation to production through post sales service. It’s a phenomenon that’s taking hold globally as more manufacturers move from mass manufacturing to a new era of digitally informed production.

There is an opportunity to apply advanced manufacturing processes inclusive of robotics and AI into the industries along the Western Trade Coast.

Dassault Systemes’ 3DEXPERIENCE platform, which allows multidisciplinary collaboration in a 3D virtual environment driven by data, is the catalyst for enabling and accelerating the adoption of Factory of the Future and Smart Manufacturing.

Industry Renaissance

The world is undergoing an Industry Renaissance – there will be new ways of living, working, interacting, innovating and doing business where sustainable innovation drives a new standard in productivity.

To fully embrace the Industry Renaissance, it is critical to empower the workforce of the future with the advanced skills and technologies required by business.

This is critical to the future success of industry in WA and our ability to compete globally.

Read more about Industry Renaissance here.

By leveraging global best practices and world-leading technologies already proven across a diverse range of industries, we can accelerate development and realise greater benefits from across the global value chain.  We look forward to your thoughts and continued conversations on transforming WA together.

For more information please contact:

Colleen Yates, Regional Development Australia Perth, T: +61 (0) 0427 236 121, E:

Gwen Cohen, Dassault Systemes, T: 61 (0) 408 265 362, E:

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