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How digital transformation future-proofed an Italian glassmaker’s business

Driven by its vision, “Limits are where to begin, never where to…
Avatar Rebecca Lambert

Driven by its vision, “Limits are where to begin, never where to stop,” Italian glass manufacturer Viraver has built a strong global reputation around its industry-leading chemical strengthening processes and bending techniques to produce large glass sheets with complex curvatures. The company’s research and development efforts have led to the production of glass of ever-growing dimensions, applications and strength. Over two decades, Viraver has become a top choice for many top automotive manufacturers, yacht makers and architects by delivering tailor-made glass products underpinned by hours of design innovation and research.

“An example is the windshield developed for one of the most renowned shipyards in the world: a single six-meter sheet of glass with double curvature on the sides, which for the first time joins the central glass and the side windows of the wheelhouse,” said Marco Mazzarolo, CEO of Viraver. “It’s a masterpiece.”

As well as investing in world-class production facilities, including new furnaces capable of bending glass sheets as large as 6.5 meters by 3.1 meters wide, Viraver has embarked on a digital transformation to future proof its business. The priority was to implement a business platform that is intuitive to use and could bring together all of Viraver’s business processes to achieve real-time and efficient information sharing during projects.

“To grow the business, we must have a vision, and Viraver is committed to being faster, more connected and efficient,” Mazzarolo said. “Through our digital transformation, we want to improve time to market, boost our production activities and empower our teams to work together seamlessly.”

Viraver found the answer in the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, which is now the backbone of its long-term digital strategy. Discover how the company uses the 3DEXPERIENCE platform to maintain its position as an industry leader and improve the way it works with clients to meet their exacting requirements.

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