Industrial EquipmentMarch 11, 2022

Bringing virtual commissioning to industrial production lines

Robot at Work uses the 3DEXPERIENCE platform and DELMIA’s sophisticated robotics features to enable virtual commissioning.
Avatar Rebecca Lambert

Since launching in 2017, Robot at Work has seen its manufacturing customers’ demands grow as they come under increasing pressure to be more flexible, create products at lower cost, accelerate time to market and maintain the highest levels of quality. Keen to keep up with their needs, the Italian production line solutions specialist saw an opportunity to embrace virtual commissioning, whereby production systems and robotic behaviors are modeled and tested virtually before physical commissioning.

The result: Robot at Work now has the capabilities to define each production line solution at the greatest level of detail and meet its customers’ increasingly complex requirements.

The value: This approach avoids costs, delays and mistakes coming from a traditional approach of physically installing a new line and trying to debug and optimize it on the shop floor.

Robot at Work uses the 3DEXPERIENCE platform and DELMIA’s sophisticated robotics features to program robots in the context of a specific production line and simulate in depth the behavior of all the robotics.

“We recently had the opportunity to simulate a plant with more than 12 cells,” said Alessandro Tecchia, commercial manager at Robot at Work. “The customer wanted to introduce automated guided vehicles for logistics, and we showed them that they only needed three-quarters of the space on the shop floor that they had planned for.”

This new way of working enables Robot at Work’s customers to see a complete simulation of their production line upfront before they commit to the full investment of setting it up physically. And since implementing the platform and DELMIA, Robot at Work’s revenue from its robotics business line has doubled.

Read the full story to find out more about how Robot at Work has transformed its business and is helping its customers avoid the costs and delays that usually come with setting up a new production line.

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