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The power of hyper-personalization for consumer brands

  Do you know how the top 20% best-in-class consumer brands differentiate…
Avatar Lauriane Favre

Do you know how the top 20% best-in-class consumer brands differentiate themselves from everyone else? Did you know that only 17% of consumer brands are satisfied with their ability to deliver tailored shopper experiences?

Today’s consumers want more than just product personalization. They require a totally customized consumer journey. This is what Hyper-Personalization is about.

Based on a research conducted by Aberdeen, best-in-class consumer brands know what it takes to personalize every aspect of the consumer experience in order to increase shopper loyalty.

The key to achieving “Iconic Brand” status is differentiation.

, you will explore a full research report conducted by Aberdeen, a webinar, a check list and more, to understand what it takes to achieve differentiation through Hyper-Personalization. As a result, you will discover how best-in-class brands improve customer satisfaction and loyalty while increasing consumer spending.

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