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Sustainable Product Design with SOLIDWORKS: User Lucas Saden Shares His Furniture Design

The Positive Home Project (TPHP) demonstrates sustainable development using Dassault Systèmes for Home & Lifestyle via an interactive website, video interviews with designers and more. Lucas Saden shares how he developed sustainable furniture.

Modular table designed with SOLIDWORKS for The Positive Home Project

Tell us about yourself and your company

I’m principle of S-CONCEPT, a furniture design and manufacturing company. We specialize in creating beautiful and functional furniture and one of a kind objects and architectural elements. I’m lucky to work with interior designers from idea to the final product or prototype. I work on a range of commercial and consumer projects. I never know what I may be working on next. The fun aspect of my company taking an idea and bring it to life. My company is quite young, I’m part of the Dassault Systèmes entrepreneur program which allows me access SOLIDWORKS and a full range of industry solutions on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform

Explain Your Role in The Positive Home Project

I was invited to participate in The Positive Home Project, to develop a more sustainable table. I was interested for two reasons: I love to solve problems and I like a challenge. I took the challenge a step further and chose to design a modular table that replaces three tables. Sustainability starts with the early concept and the materials. I used the Home & Lifestyle Lifecycle Assessment solution to assess how to lower the environmental footprint. (Watch the video interview with Lucas.)

How did the table turn out? What challenges did you face in designing it?

I enjoyed the challenge presented to lower the environmental footprint of an piece of furniture. I had the idea to create a modular table that provides multiple functions. So, I had two objectives, first to use the 3DEXPERIENCE platform home and lifestyle and sustainability tools to lower the overall environmental footprint AND to create three tables in one! This is the first time for me using the Sustainable Product Innovation solution which allowed me to make my design more eco-friendly by reducing wood use by 75%, saving up to 96.6% in land use, and improving many other metrics.

Do you have a “behind the scenes look” at the modular table?

Yes! Here are the 3 models featured in the project plus one never seen before: a low coffee table, part of an earlier design that wasn’t featured in The Positive Home Project. Check them out:

Early sketch to develop a modular, multi-function table.
Coffee table design not included in The Positive Home Project.
desk with built in wiring
Small dining table
Large dining table
modular table with built in wiring for a charging.
The modular table as a desk with built in wiring.
Interested in Developing Sustainable Furniture and Home Goods?

Visit The Positive Home Project page to learn more and interact with the sustainable table by Lusas Saden. For more information visit the Perfect Consumer Product and Perfect Connected Product solutions for consumer goods manufacturers.

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