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Keeping the watchmaking industry ahead of its time

Watchmakers have long been experts at innovating. From the moment we began…
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Watchmakers have long been experts at innovating. From the moment we began strapping timepieces to our wrists, their mechanical technology has transformed the way we see time. From the most complicated perpetual calendars and self-winding mechanisms to today’s new generation of components, watchmakers have relentlessly refined and pushed the limits of horological design and function to create new meaning and value for mechanical watch technology.

Today is no different as they continue to pursue product innovation and seek out new ways to differentiate themselves. A Deloitte report found that 59% of watchmakers prioritize product innovation, over 60% of brands are strengthening their omnichannel strategy, and the leaders are accelerating their digitalization strategies to stay connected to consumers.

It’s a delicate balance. Luxury mechanical watchmaking is an industry rooted in meticulous manual labor. Skilled craftspeople make and hand assemble hundreds of miniscule components with granular precision to create these exquisite timepieces that transcend time itself. They are a status symbol passed down from one generation to the next – a piece of analog ingenuity in a digital world.

But constant refinement and astonishing new innovations are what keep the industry relevant and ahead of its time. That’s why leading brands are turning to digital transformation to stay connected to their customers and launch highly desirable timepieces in line with market demand.

With the right platform, watchmakers can explore infinite innovations while maintaining the precision and perfection long associated with their pedigree and high craftsmanship values.

They can constantly improve quality and performance from design and manufacturing to sales and marketing through:

  • Next-generation design: watch brands can access integrated modeling and simulation capabilities that enhance and expedite product innovation in line with evolving consumer demands.
  • Optimized operations: watch manufacturers can streamline and optimize operations while maximizing critical and scarce resources such as skilled craftsmen.
  • Omni channel consumer experience: watch companies can efficiently enhance and democratize the omnichannel consumer experience.

In many ways, digitalization is the answer to protecting this industry’s legacy. Read the full e-book to discover how Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE platform enables watchmakers to innovate and stay true to their values. And how they can be the first to launch exciting new products, without compromising on craftsmanship.

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