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Creating the perfect consumer product

Connect every department in your Home & Lifestyle business to deliver products…
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Connect every department in your Home & Lifestyle business to deliver products that your customers really want

Picture the scene: one of your major clients wants to work with your Home & Lifestyle brand on a new furniture range for their offices. The brief is to deliver durable yet aesthetically pleasing furniture installations made from recycled and sustainable materials covering workstations, conference spaces and reception areas. Everything will be engineered to order and the customer has very specific needs requiring individual analysis and space planning. The expectation is that you will be able to balance design and engineering all while keeping development and manufacturing costs down and producing everything within the shortest possible timeframe.

It sounds demanding, but this is the reality for many Home & Lifestyle businesses today as their customers move towards wanting a highly personalized experience and expect them to build customized products really quickly, cost effectively and precisely. Regardless of the vertical you operate in, there’s no getting away from the pressures of needing to be first to market with the latest innovations, delivering exceptional products and experiences that cater to today’s customer demands.

The good news is that our clients find the answer to these challenges in the Perfect Consumer Product Industry Solution Experience on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. Ideally suited to large and mid-market Home & Lifestyle brands, the solution is available on premise and on the cloud and integrates all design, engineering and production disciplines, including suppliers, in a single collaborative environment. This helps to seamlessly accelerate product development and enable the creation of tailored products at record speed.

Here is how Perfect Consumer Product makes a difference across the entire customer and product development journey:

Home & Lifestyle brands must keep their finger on the pulse when it comes to tracking the latest consumer and industry trends. Design and material preferences can change quickly and it’s up to you to deliver products that are relevant and appealing to your customers.

Perfect Consumer Product brings together mechanical engineering, enterprise collaboration, production configuration and program management applications to imagine and design new product collections. When all stakeholders from designers and engineers to sales can access real-time product and project information, they can work together to deliver the products their customers really want, when they want them.

Digital continuity across the product lifecycle

Today, Home & Lifestyle brands need a platform for collaborative innovation that seamlessly connects multiple disciplines and provides a complete view of the product lifecycle. Backed by a unified, digital environment, they can support and improve complex global product development processes related to prototyping, product configuration, design and market studies. The result is different departments across multiple sites are empowered to collaborate effectively and work consistently by creating digital models for project templates and briefs that align with business goals. All of this helps to enhance visibility and workflows and provide access to up-to-the-minute product information.

Improve product quality

Home & Lifestyle brands need to be able to detect, test and resolve problems early in the product development process if they want to reduce the chances of manufacturing viability and quality control issues as well as customer complaints arising further down the line.  By bringing together your technical departments, personnel, partners and suppliers and helping everyone to communicate better, you can monitor and detect issues early in the development process to constantly enhance product quality. At the same time, by breaking down silos and fragmented processes, the business can instill a connected, concerted and consistent way of working, helping managers anticipate issues as well as accelerate and improve decision-making.

Keep product development costs down

Being able to test and validate designs and simulate products in a virtual environment offers up numerous benefits, especially in terms of reducing the number of physical prototypes you need to make, saving both on time and associated costs. At the same time, designers and engineers have the capabilities to implement design-for-cost strategies and launch products faster and in compliance with sustainability targets and safety norms. They can ensure manufacturability early on, as well as leverage 3D representations of products and collaborative applications to communicate both internally and with clients.

Speed up time to market

Digital continuity accelerates decision-making and improves traceability and productivity at all levels of product development to speed up time to market. Backed by a digitalized supply chain, the business can enhance communication between different disciplines, departments and locations, and keep track of the vast amounts of information related to each product definition and variant, preventing project delays, escalating costs and late product delivery.

At the same time, managers have visibility through advanced analytics of their global operations in a secure environment on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. This helps to reduce the need for unnecessary meetings and endless email exchanges as everyone has ready access to a single, most recent source of product information.

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