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Working toward renewable energy growth in Australia

In line with the company’s goal of helping people and businesses achieve…
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In line with the company’s goal of helping people and businesses achieve sustainable innovations, Dassault Systèmes has joined on as technology partner for a new Innovation Hub at Murdoch University’s Rockingham campus in Western Australia., an initiative driven by Western Australian companies, and Murdoch University, the Innovation Hub launched in late 2020 is focused on global energy transformation.

“The innovation hub will enable transformational research to link with key innovative companies to develop new technologies for a clean energy future,” said Professor Simon McKirdy, pro vice chancellor of the Harry Butler Institute at Murdoch University.

The Hub aims to grow the expertise in and market for energy transformation, power storage, battery cells, raw materials processing services and data analysis. A shared belief in and commitment to a more sustainable future led to a partnership between Lithium Valley and Dassault Systèmes, which help introduce world-class technology to the Innovation Hub.

“We at Dassault Systèmes believe that, in order to create a sustainable world, we cannot simply carry on what we are doing today,” said Samson Khaou, executive vice president for Asia Pacific and managing director of Asia Pacific South for Dassault Systèmes. “A sustainable world calls for more imagination and innovation with science.”

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3DS is proud to be the technology partner for the Innovation Hub and is excited to bring our cloud-based 3DEXPERIENCE platform and digital technologies to LiV Park, which is already helping companies and innovation centers around the world make headway in areas such as energy, space and sustainable mobility, Khaou said.

“Together with the solutions for and principles of human-centered, scientific and sustainable innovations, LiV Park represents a great step forward in reaching Australia’s vision of a sustainable future transformed by renewable energy growth,” Khaou said. “We are looking forward to starting this journey of sustainable innovation together with Lithium Valley.”

Lithium Valley Chairwoman Colleen Yates shares Khaou’s excitement.

“We are really excited to bring Dassault Systèmes to the table in the formation of the facility at the Murdoch Rockingham Campus,” she said. “Their expertise in Innovation Hub development globally will really kick-start this initiative and give it a solid foundation that will develop cutting edge projects and opportunities across the battery value chain. Lithium Valley is very excited to be working with Murdoch and now Dassault Systèmes in this space.”

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