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Robots Dominate Super Bowl LIII Commercials

Yes, I’m from Boston, and Super Bowl LIII had my attention for…
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Yes, I’m from Boston, and Super Bowl LIII had my attention for all the usual New England Patriots fan-based reasons, but as Keith Shaw, Editor-in-chief for Robotics Business Review highlights below, this year you couldn’t help but notice how many Super Bowl ads featured robots – and THAT for sure caught my attention!

Robots are rapidly making their way from the shop floor into our social and personal lives; from simulating manufacturing processes and mechanical designs, to vacuuming our homes and serving cocktails, or doing our laundry.  The future of work is also being re-imagined in many industries; in auto manufacturing, for example, rigid assembly lines are giving way to groups of employees working closely alongside robots.

Our blog contributors have written about many ways that robots will impact work and life, for example, how machine learning is enhancing the factory floor by “Connecting, Collecting, and Correcting” real time data to predict plant problems and prescribe immediate plans of action, and how companies like Boston Dynamics are inspired by the natural movements of animals to create robots that one day may be able to, “Walk on Water and Climb up Walls”.

Navigate here to learn how Dassault Systèmes solutions are helping make robots a powerful collaborative tool, and then watch the Super Bowl commercial highlights below.

AI and Robot Angst Highlight 2019 Super Bowl Commercials

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