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National Drive Electric Week- Roundup of Our Top EV Posts

National Drive Electric Week is taking place from September 14th-22nd with the…
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National Drive Electric Week is taking place from September 14th-22nd with the goal of building overall public awareness of electric vehicles.

The week has been organized since 2011 by Plug In America, the Sierra Club and the Electric Auto Association.  The event takes place across the United States in a wide variety of communities to highlight the actual experience of driving electric and seeks to answer any potential questions for drivers considering the switch to electric. In recognition of National Drive Electric week we have gathered a roundup of our top EV posts for you to consider as you learn more about the future of transportation.

Automakers realize that they need to innovate on the electric vehicle front to meet growing customer demand. Industry leaders in EV such as Tesla, Honda, and Ford in conjunction with many innovative start-ups (think Canoo) use Dassault Systèmes for design, testing, and production. Understand how EV car manufacturers utilize the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform to accelerate their development process and bring products to customers sooner.

A few of the most prominent concerns for EV owners are battery range and battery life. Dassault Systèmes’ solutions for battery engineering allow engineers to simulate the effects of extreme temperatures on battery performance. Learn more on what steps EV drivers can take in order to prevent extreme cold temperatures from negatively impacting their drive.

Lithium-ion batteries power the large batteries used in EV, but the amount of raw material lithium required is much greater in electric vehicles in comparison to phones or laptops. Find out how 3DEXPERIENCE twins can be leveraged in raw material mining operations to power the EV market forward.

Price and range concerns are not the only issues involved in customer apprehension to adopting electric vehicles. Discover the range of complexities involved in successfully bringing electric vehicles to market including product availability, consumer awareness, advances in technology and existing infrastructure limitations.

How can automakers show that going electric is actually better than gasoline powered vehicles? Learn more about the massive predicted disruption in the transportation industry and how engineers are working to design an electric future.

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