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May the 4th Be With You at Galaxy’s Edge – The Ultimate Star Wars Experience

The Edge of Experience Theme parks have seen impressive world wide growth…
Avatar Timothy Svenson

The Edge of Experience

Theme parks have seen impressive world wide growth over the last few years that will surely continue to explode with experiences like Disney’s Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. With May the Fourth Be With You (read about the history of #StarWarsDay and how to design your own lightsaber here!) at our blast-door, it is fitting to introduce the world to a truly unique Star Wars experience, opening on May 31st, at Disneyland California.

The Star Wars attraction will let consumers experience their dream of piloting the Millennium Falcon through hyperspace on a thrilling interactive smuggling mission, taking on the roles of pilot, gunner, or engineer. While later this year, thrill seekers can team up with The Resistance to do battle against The First Order. It is truly the best time to be living in the experience economy.

According to an article by Forbes, “78% of millennials would choose to spend money on a desirable experience or event over buying something desirable, whilst 72% said they wanted to increase their spending on experiences rather than physical things.” How are consumers finding these desirable experiences? By visiting theme parks -like Disneyland- which have become the perfect global example of the experience economy.

What is the Experience Economy?

The digital transformation and experience economy is not happening in a galaxy far far away. It is taking place all around us in every industry. What is it? It is the ability to have consumer goods, like running shoes or even medical devices, custom designed to fit consumer’s exact needs and specifications. To others, it is the ability to order a pizza for pickup, through an app -while out jogging or finishing at the gym.

In the world of high tech industries and manufacturing the experience economy is defined by the virtual and simulation technologies that allow plant owners to automate their assembly lines to the highest efficiency. While medical professionals are transforming the patient experience by harnessing solutions that let them image a heart and 3D Print an exact replica that they can use to to practice surgical procedures on. For auto manufacturer’s and transportation consumers it is the prospect of envisioning self-driving shared mobility experiences.

The Age of new Consumer Experiences

Living in the age of shared experiences, spurred by social networking, has helped theme parks reach record highs in park ticket sales across the globe. While growth continues to be steady in North America, it is expected to nearly triple in developing regions by 2022. Theme parks define the experience economy by embracing virtual and simulation technologies throughout their parks – especially when it come to using computer aided design (CAD) to engineer all those thrilling rides for those hard core experience consumers. Find out how Dassault Systémes is a world leader in creating experiences by navigating here.

As these amazing technologies change industries across the globe, creating consumer-centric experiences becomes the center of business innovation and transformation. Still, as powerful as the digital transformation is, there are many of us who simply want to enjoy the experience economy by sharing selfies – while we pilot the Falcon and fight The First Order.

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