High TechApril 1, 2021

Harnessing electrification technologies for positive global impact

Within the next 15 years, US consulting firm McKinsey predicts that over…
Avatar Rebecca Lambert

Within the next 15 years, US consulting firm McKinsey predicts that over half of the energy we generate worldwide will come from renewable sources. To reach that goal, the amount of renewable energy we produce currently must double. Not only that, but the global infrastructure must be in place to harness the renewable power. It’s why businesses like Evolectric are on a mission to help its clients choose the right electrification technologies and boost market demand for electricity in developing markets.

“Electricity demand is increasing rapidly,” said Bill Beverley, co-founder, Technology and Engineering at Evolectric. “Renewables are expected to play a bigger role and we want to work on clean technology that can enable the efficient usage of energy, especially in transportation within developing markets. We want to create economic development through technology.”

Beverley and his co-founder, Jakson Alvarez, share a vision of making a positive global impact and improving the world for generations to come by enabling and advancing electrification. They founded Evolectric in 2019, providing consulting services and products designed to unlock electrification technologies in underserved markets. Their aim is to achieve sustainable, affordable mobility, specializing in batteries, powertrains, power electronics and vehicle systems.

When they launched the company, Beverley and Alvarez needed immediate access to best-in-class planning, 3D design, simulation and engineering solutions. They chose the 3DEXPERIENCE platform on cloud to power their business. It was a decision based not only on their previous experience with the platform, but a concerted choice to implement technology that had longevity and could deliver both in terms of the company’s business and engineering requirements.

Read the full story here about Evolectric’s mission and how the 3DEXPERIENCE platform is helping to bring it to life.

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