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Spanish winemaker blends the old and new in pursuit of sustainable innovation

Familia Torres is renowned for the quality and consistency of its wines.…
Avatar Rebecca Lambert

Familia Torres is renowned for the quality and consistency of its wines. This year, the Spanish wine producer was recognized for the fifth time in Drinks International magazine as the world’s most admired wine brand – a title bestowed to it by professionals across the wine sector. The international judging board, including buyers, sommeliers, Masters of Wine and writers, praised Familia Torres for its strong brand values and sustainability mindset. It described the company as an “an indisputable international benchmark” and one that “continues to produce a range of quality wines at different levels, combining the best of tradition and modernity.”

Just as wine has evolved to meet changing consumer tastes over the years, so too has Familia Torres carefully adapted its business to keep pace with the times. Today, among many exciting and forward-looking initiatives, the company is recovering ancestral grape varieties as a way of adapting to climate change.

As Familia Torres continues to pursue innovation and bring out new product lines, it recognized that it needed a modern platform to support its product development process.

“As a winery that exports to more than 150 countries, our approach has always been constructive and long term,” said Francesc Gómez Montenegro, chief operating officer of Familia Torres. “While we rarely follow market trends, we do recognize that product development is key to our future success.”

Before, teams across the company shared and reviewed information by email or printing off physical paper documents. Now, thanks to the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, it has digitalized its product development activities, covering artwork approvals, box layouts and label designs. The platform also helps provide insights Familia Torres needed to reduce its packaging carbon footprint and optimize logistical configurations for transport.

Read the full story here to find out how Familia Torres is achieving seamless information sharing and total visibility of its product development activities to speed up the time it takes to approve projects and launch new products to market.

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