ManufacturingMay 8, 2019

Is manufacturing breaking your heart?

Consumers constantly changing their preferences. Product life cycles getting shorter. Markets expecting…
Alyssa Ross

Consumers constantly changing their preferences.

Product life cycles getting shorter.

Markets expecting local versions of global products.

Plants and key decision makers spread all over the world.


And demand to be fast, faster, fastest.

Is it any wonder that consumer packaged goods companies are struggling with manufacturing?  How do we repair that relationship?

To succeed at giving consumers what they want, when they want it, CPG companies need to master five key capabilities for global manufacturing success.

Here’s one: make it faster. Why is this important?  Because speed to market is one of the critical factors to drive sustainable growth and profits.   The trick is to successfully integrate new products while keeping up with demand.  A solution that can efficiently manage the manufacturing needs of different divisions and products, such as discrete and batch processing is invaluable. It also helps support a consistent approach to quality, from real-time manufacturing data to implementing best practices across a manufacturing network of plants which may have different constraints.

If you’d like to discover the complete set of areas to focus on to improve your relationship with manufacturing, we invite you to read a new eBook called Embrace Production Complexity: 5 Ways to Drive Value with Digitalization. It’s a thorough eBook, describing five important ways a digital platform will help you make the right thing at the right time, consistently.

By clicking here, you can also discover seven key steps to be a more agile manufacturer.  Why does this matter? Because you can save up to 60% in overall time, 40% less inventory and 20% less time in machine set up.

Learn more about Dassault Systèmes Consumer Packaged Goods solutions and Dassault Systèmes approach to helping manufacturing companies deliver sustainable innovation to consumers.

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