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Designing small toys with big technologies

Milan-based toy designer Alessandro Pasotti has carved out an enviable career. Serving…
Avatar Lindsay James

Milan-based toy designer Alessandro Pasotti has carved out an enviable career. Serving some of the biggest toy manufacturers across the globe, as well as small local ones, he creates a wide range of products that encourage kids’ creativity and role play.

Pasotti’s designs are accurate representations of real products: kitchens, trolleys, scooters and more. They often are incredibly intricate, and scaled down so that they can be carried around in a small hand and played with on a table.

But Pasotti’s success has brought about challenges. “In the toy design industry, where modifications and updates are always very complex, I needed a better methodology to think, design and engineer a product,” he said. “It needed to be tuned to grant the perfect mix between the creative side and the engineering side of the product itself.”

Pasotti sought a unified solution that would give him access to all the tools he needed, all within the same platform. As a result, he adopted the 3DEXPERIENCE platform – and was able to streamline the workflow in his business.

“The flexibility of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform has allowed me to achieve that integrated design flow I was looking for in my daily work,” Pasotti said. “I can do exactly what I need, when I want and when it’s really needed.”

Read more to find out how the 3DEXPERIENCE platform and the different applications give Pasotti agility in the design process which has led to at least a 20 percent gain in term of time spent to engineer a new product.


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