Consumer Packaged Goods & RetailFebruary 14, 2018

Consumer Goods & Retail – The Experience Gets More Personal

With the spring shopping season on the horizon, consumer goods manufacturers and…

With the spring shopping season on the horizon, consumer goods manufacturers and retailers are working overtime to offer products that appeal to every taste, shopping profile, past experiences with the brand (or competitors), lifestyle, location, color preferences, etc.  From clothes to coffee, today’s products are moving quickly and personalization is becoming paramount, especially in the age of social media – where image is everything and the “customer journey” is no longer just a transaction, but is real life.

Personalization has become a driving force in retail.  Last week’s Adweek featured an article by Dan Tynan called, ‘Personalization is a Priority for Retailers But Can Online Vendors Deliver?” that included an interview with Dassault Systèmes’ Susan Olivier, vice president of worldwide business development for Consumer Goods & Retail (CG-R).  With inspiring examples and a laser-focus on key trends, Tynan explores how retailers and brands can create seamless customer experiences only when their online shopping, data-driven universes – and offline brick and mortar store experiences – merge to create the ultimate ‘destination’ for consumers. As Olivier says, “physical stores need to move from ‘storage’ to ‘story’ to remain relevant.”

So how can companies leverage technology to design and manufacture products that are not just personal but also profitable?  In the interview below, Chris Colyer, vice president of the Consumer Goods & Retail (CG-R) industry for Dassault Systèmes, along with Susan Olivier, discuss personalization and other industry trends and predictions during our recent 3DEXPERIENCE Forum.

Happy shopping!

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