Consumer Packaged Goods & RetailSeptember 10, 2019

A careful balancing act

It’s not easy for companies to find the right balance between manufacturing,…

It’s not easy for companies to find the right balance between manufacturing, sustainability and the consumer experience.  The key lies in integrating design engineering and simulation into a single platform, to provide that critical end-to-end digital ‘thread’.  In its latest eBook, Dassault Systèmes describes how companies like Amcor and Saint-Gobain are leveraging digital continuity to strike that perfect balance in the CPG packaging industry.  With the right digital tools, the companies can lower time to market, reduce costs, make a positive environmental impact and increase customer satisfaction.

With the rise in environmental advocacy around the world, modern manufacturing companies are trying to do their part by reducing CO2 emissions through a variety of efforts.

A leading beverage company was aware that the packaging design affects product safety and quality. Amcor, the world’s largest supplier of PET containers, used a common design platform which increased efficiency and ultimately reduced time and cost. Saint-Gobain was able to reduce product weight by 10%. This may not seem like a huge leap but for a company that manufactures 25 billion containers in a year…that makes a huge difference.

Furthermore, Dassault Systèmes emphasizes how they can help industry leaders to optimize packaging by integrating design, engineering and simulation on a single platform. Customers of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform have found they can cut design time by 50 percent and lower material costs by 30 to 50 percent while improving sustainability and consumer satisfaction.

The bottom line of the report is that with the right tools, any company can design winning packages while improving environment sustainability and driving sustainable business growth.

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