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Where is Your Organization in the Digital Transformation?

“Digital is everywhere in people’s lives. At one time computing was an…
Avatar Amber Nocella

“Digital is everywhere in people’s lives. At one time computing was an activity done at work. Now it is just a daily activity for many. In the world of the product lifecycle, digital and its many variants—digitization, digitalization, digital transformation, digital twin, digital thread—are shorthand for topics, processes, and capabilities that the product lifecycle management (PLM) economy has championed since before “PLM” was coined some twenty years ago. Digitization, getting all intellectual assets in digital form, has been ongoing for decades..” (CIMdata 2019)

Kärcher, the leading worldwide provider of cleaning technologies, embraces the importance of digital transformation. Taking steps to transform its company, Kärcher adopted the Dassault Systèmes 3DEXPERIENCE® platform on the cloud because they feel it’s vital to their success.

“Digitalization is essential for us. It’s about matching our products with our solutions and systems and generating efficiencies and value for our customers. Digital transformation is a key element in generating internal efficiencies in our operations. It creates synergy by tapping into the productivity of our employees, which increases the quality of our products.” –

Are your products smart and connected?

Where are you on your digital transformation journey?

Just starting?

Hip deep?

No plans?

Complete the survey by analyst CIMdata and you’ll receive the full results in a new eBook, “Is Your Digital Transformation Journey Keeping up?” to evaluate where you benchmark with your peers.

The CIMData survey and supporting research is sponsored by Dassault Systèmes to build an understanding of where industrial firms are in their Digital Transformation journey. With terms and technologies constantly evolving, building clarity on them will help companies continue to move forward.

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Please note all survey submissions are anonymous. You will have access to receive the final report via this blog.

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