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Faster, smarter, greener logistics: Overcoming the challenges of last mile delivery

In today’s soon-to-be post pandemic world (we hope), customers are reshaping the…
Avatar Thomas Laarz

In today’s soon-to-be post pandemic world (we hope), customers are reshaping the market through their digital behavior. The prolonged temporary closure of shops in some countries and consumer fear of contracting the virus in enclosed spaces has led to an unparalleled boom in e-commerce. In spite of this increased pressure on last mile delivery firms, customers still want more for less, faster deliveries at lower prices anytime, anywhere – and with more flexible time windows and increased sustainability. These challenges are compounded during peaks times like, Christmas or Chinese New Year, and by newly enforced health and safety workforce regulations imposed during COVID-19.

Overcoming these difficulties makes last mile delivery the most complex and costly leg of the supply chain. With intensified competition, logistics firms that are slow to adapt will lose out to agile new players who can more easily respond to ever-changing customer demands. How can firms rise to the challenges to make the right call every time to keep customers happy and contain costs?

Companies that leverage digital platforms, integrate multiple systems and optimize planning can gain insights into vehicle assets, workforce dynamics and real-time product locations. Such insights help them make better planning decisions, keep deliveries cost-efficient and reduce CO2 emissions. With analytics to support data driven decision-making, they are better positioned to make swift and smart choices, contain costs and strengthen the customer experience. Firms that are slow to adapt, meanwhile, expose themselves to decreasing bottom lines, shrinking market share and the enormous impact of pandemic-related disruptions.ever-changing customer demands

Logistics companies need to respond in real time to create dynamic and optimal plans that respond to real life events faster than ever. By using a single platform that supports end-to-end supply chain planning, planners gain the control, speed, visibility and accuracy required to make optimal planning decisions.

Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE platform helps logistics companies achieve these outcomes. By digitalizing operations, firms can connect the dots between people, data and processes to optimize the planning process across the supply chain. This way, planners gain full visibility of key performance indicators and a single source of truth across their networks, which results in a faster, more cost-efficient and agile supply chain – and more satisfied customers.

Watch the video below to learn more about planning last-delivery.

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