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How integrated logistics enables faster, more efficient deliveries

Integrated logistics equips your network with digital capabilities that drive smart decision-making,…
Avatar Taherah KUHL

Today’s global logistics value chains are facing big challenges: reduced workforces, tighter health and safety protocols, and severely restricted movement of goods. Given the sector’s complex, interconnected services and market volatility, logistics firms are under more pressure to ensure speed, accuracy and transparency. To achieve this, companies need to have greater flexibility and visibility into their logistics management to optimize planning, boost performance and deliver unparalleled customer experience.

What if you could merge the real and virtual worlds into a digital value network to more effectively ramp up efficiencies, maintain profitability and keep your employees safe? By pairing simulation capabilities of the virtual twin and the power of artificial intelligence with end-to-end digitalization, you can drive business outcomes in an even more powerful way, creating a virtual model of your entire logistics operations. Intelligent automation, including robotics processes, can improve operation performance and increase productivity while empowering employees, strengthening customer relationships and opening up new ways to innovate.

Dassault Systèmes helps you achieve end-to-end connected logistics. Integrated logistics equips your network with a host of digital capabilities that provides the insights needed to drive smart decision-making throughout your organization, optimize planning across time horizons and overcome disruptions with speed, agility and accuracy.

With real-time data sharing across connected value networks, companies can dynamically design route optimization to avoid delays and better manage logistics disruptions to save cost, reduce carbon footprint and ensure faster deliveries. The end-to-end visibility on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform enhances worker efficiency, boosts productivity and helps create a safer working environment. In turn, this enables you to deliver superior customer service, increase sustainability and maintain profitability.

Seize the opportunity to progress and excel with the 3DEXPERIENCE platform!

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