Business ServicesMarch 7, 2023

How customer insights generate value

Avatar Victoria Martinez

Data analysis reveals actionable insights so companies can offer more value to logistics customers.

Today’s postal and express companies are up against major challenges when it comes to discerning and anticipating customer needs. Customers are becoming savvier when buying online while voicing more demands regarding the delivery of their orders, the method and speed of shipments and their environmental impact. How can companies keep up with evolving customer desires to deliver added value?

Logistics companies possess a high volume of information from different sources, including maintenance logs, contracts, customer satisfaction surveys, emails and social media platforms. This data enables companies in the postal and express industry to fully grasp customer preferences, improve the quality of products and services according to feedback and tune in to the customer voice early on in the decision-making process.

But what happens when valuable information is scattered across multiple solutions? Before they can turn insights into action, postal and express companies need an intelligent and efficient way to overcome data silos.

Natural language processing (NLP) powered by artificial intelligence can help. A multisource and multilingual software suite such as Proxem Studio synergizes data for complete visibility of the customer journey. With the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform, companies unlock a collaborative data science experience that surpasses standalone analysis tools. They gain a single source of truth with enhanced control over their multichannel customer interactions.

By integrating the extensive information received from customer feedback, companies get a nuanced understanding of each customer’s needs. NLP on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform empowers companies to turn KPIs into actionable plans and keep customers at the center of their business strategy.

Postal and express customers want to be heard. With Dassault Systèmes’ portfolio of solutions, it’s simpler to turn data noise into a clear voice that companies can understand and act on. The results are actionable insights, robust KPI strategies and smarter postal and express processes that ensure delightful deliveries and continuous growth.

Did you know we partnered with a French postal service company to analyze 100% of its customer interactions and establish exciting new customer experiences? Read more now to discover how you can learn from the company and generate immense value for your customers.

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