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Forging the future of rail freight

Dassault Systèmes supports the future of rail freight through by helping companies through their digital transformation.
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For decades, the rail freight industry has been in decline. But the recent global disruptions and the imperative of sustainability have proven that rail freight is the most efficient and greenest way of moving cargo in large volumes with the shortest lead time.

In order to help rail freight reach its potential and capture new opportunities, a digital transformation of the sector is required. A digital strategy in rail can improve the efficiency in capacity planning, performance measurement and physical asset maintenance.

The rising demand for rail freight digitalization calls for the adoption of new technologies to improve efficiencies and create a more robust rail freight supply chain that can meet the reduction of CO2 emissions goals and create cost- and time-efficient freight deliveries. These new technologies – including the virtual twin experience, artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data and 5G – can help complete the end-to-end integration of rail freight in the logistics supply chain and anticipate disruptions. This is an important step forward to reinvigorate the rail freight industry, growing the market for rail and creating more opportunities in the sector.

Rail freight must step into its role as the main freight transporter to meet sustainability needs and reduce emissions. Implementing digital technologies will help elevate rail freight as the greener freight transport mode and navigate disruptions with better visibility into the network, crew, locomotives and more.

Companies seeking digitalization can turn to Dassault Systèmes. With extensive experience in enhancing rail freight operations for customers worldwide, Dassault Systèmes supports companies to stay agile, boost employee satisfaction and optimize drivers and trains using data-driven analytics.

There is no question that we will enter a new digital era for rail freight where the power of new technologies will transform the market and unlock opportunities in the rail freight sector. Rail freight is key in meeting environmental targets and leading sustainable transportation. Therefore, it must become energy-efficient, cost-efficient and customer-centric by adopting new technologies that bring automation into the transformation.

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