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Watch: #IFWE Impact Live series on LinkedIn

It starts with a question. The premise always the same: #IFWE. If…
Avatar Patrick Ball

It starts with a question. The premise always the same: #IFWE.

If we impact the future of health, can we improve personalized patient care and make well-being a top priority? If we can provide on-demand solutions and green energy, can we impact the future of smart cities and improve the world?

Questions like these are the focal point of a new LinkedIn video series from the 3DEXPERIENCE Lab, the startup accelerator here at Dassault Systèmes. In fact, the #IFWE question is at the very heart of the lab itself.

Hosted by 3DEXPERIENCE Lab Head of Innovation Frederic Vacher and French journalist Marion Moreau, the #IFWE Impact Live series features an episode or two each month, featuring testimonies from startup members of the 3DEXPERIENCE Lab. Originally launched for the VivaTech conference earlier this year, the series primarily focuses on the areas of health and life sciences and cities and infrastructure. The immersive talks feature real entrepreneurs and innovators who are working to change the world.

The most recent episode, “IFWE Impact the Future of Health,” features interviews with Lucid Implants CSO Prashanth Ray and PKvitality General Director Minh Le, covering how technology can improve personalized patient care and promote well-being. Lucid Implants 3D prints personalized surgical implants; PKvitality’s disruptive innovation is wearable health tracking devices, including a smartwatch that tracks glucose or lactate.

A past episode, tackling agriculture, featured AgreenCulture’s Christophe Aubè and Futura Gaïa’s Pascal Thomas discussing how to improve agriculture by combining precision agronomy and cutting edge technology. Agreenculture designs precision farming equipment, including a satellite-guided autonomous robot; Futura Gaïa is on a mission to design, create and sell turnkey vertical farms.

Follow the 3DEXPERIENCE Lab on LinkedIn for more installments of the #IFWE Impact Live series. Subscribe to the Dassault Systèmes channel on YouTube for more great content from the Lab.

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