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6 questions construction companies must ask to become more efficient and profitable

To overcome the industry challenges that hinder efficient operations and profitability in every project, here are six key questions construction companies must consider.
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Construction projects today are bigger and more complex than they have ever been. With each project requiring such large capital, construction companies face tremendous pressure to keep operation costs within budget and minimize disruptions so projects can be completed on time. However, cost and time overruns are extremely common in the construction industry, making it difficult for any construction company to achieve their business goals. The need for worksite safety as well as sustainability compliance also adds to the complexity of planning new construction projects.

To overcome the industry challenges that hinder efficient operations and profitability in every project, construction companies must consider six key questions:

  1. How can we minimize environmental impact and achieve more sustainable operations?
  2. How do we stay competitive with volatile raw material prices?
  3. How do we eliminate material wastage, poor communication, errors and duplication of effort?
  4. How can we improve site productivity and drive operational efficiency across the value chain?
  5. How can we improve asset utilization and share best practices?
  6. How can we ensure and maintain the highest safety standards?

Thankfully, advancements in construction technology have created new opportunities for companies to equip themselves with the latest digital solutions and drive efficient operations. Powered by the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, virtual twin experience enables construction companies to plan right down to the smallest details so they can minimize errors as well as material and operational waste. This level of planning and execution allows companies to maximize productivity while creating safe work conditions and operations with minimal environmental impact.

This article is excerpted from “The Virtual Twin Experience for Smart and More Sustainable Construction,” a whitepaper developed by Dassault Systèmes. To read more about virtual twins in the construction industry, download the white paper here.

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