Architecture Engineering & ConstructionDecember 9, 2022

Reshaping building design and delivery using digital technologies

Adopting Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE platform, Assembly OSM delivers above and beyond the scope of traditional construction companies.
Avatar Lindsay James

The traditional approach to constructing homes is no longer fit for purpose. That’s according to Andrew Staniforth, CEO of New York-based construction firm Assembly OSM, who says there are some really big problems in the industry at the moment.

In fact, not only is the US almost four million houses short of demand, but the price of materials has rocketed, resulting in an 18% hike in costs for potential homebuyers.

Staniforth recognizes that something needs to change – and fast. “At Assembly OSM we do things differently,” he said. “We construct custom buildings for urban environments – typically high-rise buildings – and we do that via what is often referred to as ‘modular 2.0’ or ‘post-modular.’”

Assembly OSM’s approach draws inspiration from pioneering firms such as Boeing, SpaceX and Tesla: it uses a technologically advanced process of digital design, manufacturing, assembly and on-site installation for architecturally distinctive buildings.

“We want to be able to model at a much higher level of fidelity – in the same way that Boeing models its aeroplanes,” Staniforth said. “That’s why we chose the platform often used by the aerospace industry – Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE suite of applications – including CATIA and ENOVIA.”

Read the full customer story to discover how Assembly OSM is not only benefiting from high-fidelity product designs, digital continuity, flexible templating and versioning, and improved collaboration, but also reducing the timeframe of a project by a massive 50%.

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