Architecture Engineering & ConstructionFebruary 14, 2018

Managing cities of tomorrow with 3DEXPERIENCity

As cities become larger, innovative approaches are needed to address the rising…
Avatar Alyssa Ross

As cities become larger, innovative approaches are needed to address the rising complexities to enable efficient and sustainable growth. Rennes Métropole, an intercommunal structure that covers almost half a million inhabitants in France, formed with the goal of building a better metropolitan area by synchronizing the transport system, environmental actions, urbanization, economic and social development, culture, university research, etc. Tight collaboration among all stakeholders is key to making this ecosystem work. In order to work with all the region’s stakeholders, the public institution needed an ingenious tool.

Rennes Métropole chose Dassault Systèmes’ cloud-based 3DEXPERIENCE platform to help drive the collaboration.

3DEXPERIENCity Virtual Rennes enables all city stakeholders to work better together, remotely share data, simulate evolutions of the city and better observe urban phenomena.

The ultimate goal for Rennes Métropole is to create a digital twin of the city: an intelligent digital model based on geometric and topographical elements, as well as demographic, mobility and health data. This is to serve as the foundation that all stakeholders can access to simulate, plan and manage the city in a transversal and collaborative way.

Currently, Rennes Métropole is working on their Bento project, which aims to develop a building-wide energy map based on demographic, land and energy data. The data needs to be accessible to internal and external stakeholders of the city. Through 3DEXPERIENCity, data developed at different scales can be integrated into a collaborative platform, fostering the development of effective public policies.

3DEXPERIENCity Virtual Rennes gives Rennes Métropole a tool that truly meets local authorities’ expectations and helps develop smart solutions in a systematic way. Watch the video to learn more.

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